The urban brownstone is classic, yet hip. Consisting of a townhome on top of a garden flat. There’s some irony in the thought that a concept so predominant in the culture of many American cities is so unique to the city of Columbus.

And then along came Neighborhood Launch. Columbus’ first neighborhood designed to fit naturally within the downtown landscape.

Neighborhood Launch begins at the corner of Fourth and Gay streets and extends east toward the Columbus College of Art & Design. When complete, this eclectic collection of homes will encompass nine city blocks.

Gay Street will become an icon for what a neighborhood city street should be. A tree-lined boulevard that is an integral part of the neighborhood, rather than an unimaginative stretch of concrete that interrupts it.

Lush green space is priority. You see it as you walk down the street along with a lots of trees with urban gardens tucked next to the residences.

The repetitive sameness that defines so many neighborhoods will be non-existent. Here, whether it’s eclectic, contemporary or traditional, your individual style will be reflected.

There is an excitement, an energy, a sense of belonging. Now for the first time, we all have that.
Right here in downtown Columbus.

Join us as a downtown neighborhood comes to life.
One block, one street, one greenspace, one home at a time.

Neighborhood Launch at a Glance:

  • A nine block neighborhood with parks, water fountains and tree-lined boulevards
  • One, two and three bedroom condominium homes
  • Outdoor living spaces and secure parking
  • Adjacent to the vibrant Gay Street corridor in downtown Columbus